Retro Metal Designs Ltd has a strong design ethic built from years of experience using different forms of media. This wealth of experience has been built up over decades allowing us to carry detailed restorations or bespoke one-off items or vehicles. Established in 2009 we have turned an automotive passion and a desire to build and fabricate anything into a full time business. We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to make one off custom vehicles or bespoke items either individually or in small batches.

A big part of our business is the restoration of vehicles mainly classic and vintage, but we have built custom cars, trikes, bespoke roll cages, bar and event vehicle conversions, as well as general metalwork repairs to most forms of transport. We specialize in the metalwork, that’s what we love to do, from a small repair to your classic or vintage vehicle, to a full on scratch built trike, re-body, alteration, modification, you name it if it’s metalwork we can probably help.

It’s not only vehicles we love to work on, over the years we have been asked to make various things as gifts, personal one-off items for the home, garden, and garage.

We can help with individual items or small batch production runs depending on the size and designs of the item. With the use of ‘CAD’ and ‘High Definition Plasma’ cutting facilities, producing multiple items accurately has been made far easier. We don’t just use the ‘High Definition Plasma’ for big production runs, oh no, this is regularly employed on single components of varying scales.

From transport, Industrial, Ornamental, Funky, Retro, we are pleased to help. If you have a project, a design, something to repair, or something you want to create, give us a try.