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The story behind the Chitty build

Chitty Bang, an over view of the story behind the build…….

Originally we were approached and asked to quote on fabricating the front and rear wings, and the front end metal work. After a meeting at the owner’s home we found out that this was to be the combination of a childhood dream, also as an ongoing fundraiser to raise money for a specialist school for disabled children. 2 passions that the owner wanted to do right by. 

A plan was worked out and a date set for work to begin, the car was delivered to the workshop and the work was about to begin, then our remit was extended to include building the fuel tank, and mounting the gearbox including mating it to the engine via the original fabric coupling and a custom driveshaft linkage.

So the work got underway, starting with the fuel tank, then as the build progressed so our remit was extended further, to include, body mounts, gearbox mounts, drive train, brake linkage’s, throttle linkage, clutch linkage, peddles and mounts, bulkhead, radiator mounts, radiator alterations, front splash pan, rear panel work, number plate mounts, handbrake and mechanism, running boards, spare wheel mounts, dashboard, steering, folding windscreen frame……………………………. A long list that became very involved and is too long to fully detail here.

The build was a major one that took many long days, especially as we had a deadline and the additional remit meant along with the existing workload of other customers projects, that the workshop was very full and very busy.

The owner being a clever person and very much into his vintage cars, had already rebuilt the straight six 1920’s Studerbaker engine, and he was responsible for the wiring of the vehicle. With an initial wiring installation in place the engine was fired up and ran extremely well pretty much on the first go in the workshop, so that was a major item ticked off the list

With a final push by us our side of the project was completed. The car returned to the owner where he finished off various aspects of the car before it’s successful first outing at Valance School Hillclimb at Westerham Kent, where it gave some joy rides to many young children and introduced a new generation to the delights of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

There are many build photos of this from start to finish, too many to put up but we have added a selection of them to our website for you to view, and maybe inspire!

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